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Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment (Rehab for Addiction)

  • Residential treatment is also a level of service that has 24-hour supervision but does not have the same level of medical monitoring and staffing associated with inpatient treatment. Individuals who do not have significant medical problems but who need constant supervision are good candidates for residential treatment.

  • The length of time that a person stays on a residential unit can vary considerably, with some stays lasting as little as one month or lasting three months. Residential programs are staffed 24-hours a day and provide groups and counseling.

  • A physician may see patients on an intermittent basis after admission (e.g., once per week if no medical issues), and in some cases non-complicated medical problems and withdrawals can be managed on a residential unit.

  • This treatment is ideal for chronic Alcoholic and Drug addicts who can’t control addiction.

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