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Deaddiction & Rehabilitation centre

     Residential Rehab Treatment for Addiction

  • The length of time that a person stays can vary from one month to three months. Residential programs are 24-hours a day and provide detox, group therapy, counseling, meditation, yoga, Exercise and Medicines for Addiction Withdrawal.

  • This treatment is ideal for chronic Alcoholic and Drug addicts who can’t control addiction.

  • This treatment is also available in Depression & Personality disorder, Post Traumatic stress disorder & obsssesive compulsive disorder

  • sleeping pills addiction ( Benzodiazepines), Synthetic drug addiction, Cocaine addiction, Heroin addiction, Opoid addiction

  • MDMA  Ecstasy addiction, Prescription drugs addiction, Mariajuna ( Ganja, Bang, charas)  Behaviour Addiction.

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