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About Us

  • Dr V B Patil Foundation is a registered Non Governmental Organization (NGO) working since last 12 yrs in the field of Addiction Treatment.

  • We Provide Alcohol Addiction and Drug abuse treatment. 

  • We offer specialized Operative Implant treatment for alcohol addicts and drug abuse. We provide Rehabilitation facilities for chronic alcoholic patients. We provide psychological counseling for addict patients and their family members.

  • Treatment of relapse cases is done here. We provide home based medicines and home based Outpatient treatment program. A dedicated deaddiction centre to treat Alcohol and drug addicts with all state of art facilities with highly professional team of counselors and doctors. We are the best and unique vysaan mukti Kendra in Maharashtra state and also in India.


  • To create, establish, administer and manage treatment centres for Alcohol

  • To create, establish, administer and manage  treatment centres for  Drug addictions like ganja, charas, heroin, opium, cocaine, glue sniffing, LSD, diazepam, demethadone, and other drugs

  • To provide treatment and counselling for addictions like smoking, tobacco chewing, gutka, bidi etc

  • To provide treatment and counselling for  addictions like gambling, Mobile, TV, internet, sexual, porno ,YouTube, Social media, shopping etc

  •  To create, establish, administer and manage appropriate infrastructure facilities and services  for addiction treatment cum Rehabilitation centres

  • To establish addiction Awareness and Counselling Centres

  • To carry out Surveys, Studies, Evaluation and Research in deaddiction

  • To make recovery available for the drug addicts/alcoholics through volunteers,professional and rehabilitation training programme

  • To support those who want to abstain from drugs/alcohol and want to reformthemselves through this trust.

  • To assist volunteers who would like to work in this direction elsewhere by this trust.

  • To assist persons/patients regarding rehabilitation technical information over the Tele-communication/internet, etc.

  • To carry out periodic awareness programmes regarding the above issues through street plays, display of posters, slide programmes and films, participation of renowned doctors/social workers to address these issues.

  • To establish a volunteer centre and make provisions for volunteer training programs.

  • To initiate work for the progress of physically, mentally, economically and socially disadvantaged persons.

  •  Co-operate, network and affiliate/member with similar minded organizations/ bodies/federations, international bodies having similar objectives and aims.

  • To make jobs available for the recovering addicts/alcoholics outside the rehabilitation centre.

  • To help the addicts/alcoholics who are financially weak and who cannot afford treatment.

  • To promote employment-oriented skills and programmes for addicts.

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